Why Choose A Wood Fence?

When it comes to fencing, wood is still one of the most popular materials used today. From privacy fences to picket fences and everything in-between, wood provides homeowners with a range of options when it comes to their fencing needs. Here are some key reasons why you should choose a wood fence for your next project:
Aesthetic Appeal: Nothing beats the classic look of wood! Whether you opt for a rustic natural look or stain and paint your fence to match the color palette of your home, wooden fences are incredibly versatile when it comes to creating an aesthetic appeal that fits your style. Plus, due to its organic nature – every wooden fence has its own unique character and character marks making each one truly special.
Durability: With proper maintenance – a well-installed wooden fence can last up to 25 years before needing any type of repair or replacement! This makes them an ideal option for those looking for reliable security as well as enhanced curb appeal over time. Additionally, because they are built from natural material – they can easily withstand exposure to the elements without sustaining major damage like other materials such as metal or vinyl might.
Easy Maintenance: When properly sealed and stained – wooden fences require minimal upkeep throughout the years – usually just a few coats every few years will do the trick in keeping them looking neat and inviting! If needed, individual panels can also be replaced easily if need be – however this isn’t necessary unless there is visible damage or rot present on any specific boards.
Cost Effective: Although wooden fences may seem more expensive up front than alternatives such as aluminum or vinyl – they can often last much longer with minimal cost when it comes to repairs or replacements which makes them more cost effective in the long run! In addition, many homeowners may be eligible for discounts on purchasing lumber in bulk depending on where they purchase their supplies from which can further reduce costs associated with building a wood fence.
When choosing the right material for your fencing needs – don’t overlook one of the oldest and most reliable materials out there – wood! Whether you’re looking for privacy, security or aesthetic purposes – a good quality wooden fence installed by professionals will ensure that these needs are met while also standing up to extreme weather conditions year after year with minimal effort required from you as a homeowner. Contact Fence Pros today for more information about how we can help get your next project underway!
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Materials Used in Wooden Fencing

Wood fences serve a variety of purposes, from providing privacy and security to enhancing the look of a home’s exterior. Knowing what material is used in wooden fencing can help you understand your options and make decisions about which type is right for you.

The most popular types of woods used for fencing include cedar, redwood,pine, cypress and treated lumber. Each has its own set of characteristics which can make one ideal for your specific situation.

  • Cedar is one of the most common materials used in wood fencing due to its durability and beauty. This type of wood is naturally resistant to rot and insects, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. Cedar fences also offer a unique look that adds character to any property.
  • Redwood is another common option for fencing because it is lightweight yet sturdy enough for many different uses. It also resists decay well without chemical treatment, although it does require frequent staining or sealing to maintain its color and finish. Redwood may be slightly more expensive than cedar but it often lasts longer with proper care.
  • Pine also makes an excellent choice as it has historically been used in many older homes due to its affordable price tag compared with other woods. Pine has a tendency to warp over time if not properly sealed or maintained, however. It’s important to pressure-treat pine before installing it if you want your fence to last longer than a few years.
  • Cypress offers similar features as cedar without as much maintenance; this wood type will not warp as much after moisture exposure when finished correctly making it perfect for areas with high humidity levels such as coastal regions. While cypress costs more initially than other options, it will hold up better over time with less need for replacement parts or repairs.
  • Treated lumber is the least expensive material used in wooden fences yet still offers good protection against rot and pests if primed correctly before installation begins. Treated lumber requires additional weatherproofing since staining must be done every couple years if you want your fence looking attractive throughout the years ahead.

Knowing what materials are typically used in wooden fencing will help inform any decisions that need made when deciding on the best fence structure for your property or business needs. Whether opting for cedar’s classic look or cypress’ tough construction, you’ll find that these choices hold up against the elements while adding curb appeal at the same time!

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